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I thought I’d cut out my chitterchatter and go for a more fashion feel on today’s post.

I’m cutting out the bit which is usually a preamble ramble by which point I’d over analyze the pros and cons of writing a blog post about fashion when maybe you know about as much about fashion as you do about trench warfare yes that was the first analogy that came to mind so leave it yeah?  

So what I’ve been deeply contemplating this week is the LBD, I WANT IT I NEED IT AND I WILL NOT REST UNTIL I HAVE IT.

The Christmas season is coming up and if I’m led to believe what my mandatory magazine reading tells me then I frankly am a fool for not already having this seemingly key peice in my wardrobe. Shocking I know right.

So speaking from the view of my poor rather dilapidated purse I’m going to be a rather thrifty this season and buy one dress and THAT IS IT and then hopefully try to squeeze as many different outfits as physically possible from it. The Ultimate Festive Challenge!!!

So I’m off on my journey to find the perfect dress, it needs to be dressy enough to wear it on a special Christmas occasion, but also not to fancy so I won’t feel too overdressed on your standard grimey student night out clubbing, and maybe just maybe it’ll be suitable to dress down with flats for a nice trip to the pub… where I intend to spend most of my Christmas evenings. Now I’m not asking too much Am I? 

This dress first caught my eye in company magazine, and I’m not going to lie I think Pixie Lott is a beautiful human being and being the gullible person I am if you put a celebs name next to an item I’m going to buy it in the hope that it will magically turn me into said celeb. I kid you not I read an article about Eliza Dolittle and it said she used Aussie Shampoo and before you could say G’day mate I was on my way down to Superdrug to get myself some curl defining serum.

But anyway this Dress is from Lipsy sometimes I find Lipsy dresses can go one of two ways and they can be a bit too short and garish but most of the time I have a lot of Lipsy love particularly for the Pixie Lott collection, she is a goddess. I figured this dress would look swellagent not only with my favourite heels for dressed up but maybe also with my old trusty leather jacket for a more dressed down studenty night out.

My next find was from River Island. Again I have a tendency to fall in and out of love with a lot of high street shops as my boy Shakespeare did say frailty thy name is woman  my main qualm with River Island is whenever I have enough money to go in there I never see anything that catches my eye but when my purse is as empty as a dessert well I see a million things I want. Of course that’s my fault not River Island’s anyway I digress.

What caught my eye about this little number is it ticks all the right boxes for me.

  • Fitted without being too bodycon-esque which a lot of the LBD styles seem to going for. In theory a body-con dress is a great idea it hugs in all the right places but after one too many pints of cider and Christmas nibbles you’re carrying a food baby and no longer feeling sexy and svelte like you did when you first put the dress on.
  • I’m a massive fan of the sixties and seventies style around at the moment so the shift floaty bottom to this is also winning my heart.
  • Little bit of glitz and glam around the collar with the embellishment around the neck, originally I avoided the LBD because it just seemed way too plain but this adds just a nice bit of sparkle.
  • I also liked the cut out detailing which again makes it stand out a bit, I’ve been seeing a lot of cut-out, mesh covered, styled dresses around and for me it’s been a bit too revealing especially around the waist and cleveage area. I’m not all about flashing unnecessary bits at passers by even if they are covered by mesh or lace thankyou very much. So this dress has just the right amount of detailing in my eyes.
So these are the two dresses I’ve found I could continue there’s an awful lot of nice stuff out there but frankly if I look at any more dresses I can’t afford I will end up crying myself to sleep.
Stay toon-ed for which dress I pick, no doubt there will be a joyous post about it.
Big love.


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The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry

John Steinbeck what a fella, giving everyone a fall back phrase for the reason they haven’t completed the task they said they would. So as I give my conscience a dismissive shrug and tell myself well the best laid plans… I’m currently not productively essay writing instead I’m ladened with a mug of tea two sugars if you must know and having a mooch of the internet looking for some amazing Christmas gifts for friends, family, and the beloved boyfriend.

I imagine the thought of Christmas shopping divides people into two camps. Those that shudder at the thought telling themselves are you having a laugh, it is after all only November and maybe Christmas isn’t about giving it’s all a bit too consumerist isn’t it? Then there will be those that during their cosy evening in my social life revolves around the Xfactor and I’m not ashamed to admit it saw the CocoCola advert and the John Lewis ad which means (Anti-Consumerists I’d look away now what I’m about to say might just hurt your feelings)  that’s it IT’S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS!!!

The John Lewis advert to me was gorgeous. It combines my love of children, gift giving, and the achingly melancholic sound of The Smiths, the song also sounded pretty similar to when it was covered in the film 500 Days of Summer and let’s be honest what is not to love on that list? Yes I realise that Christmas isn’t all about the spending of course it isn’t but to me finding the perfect present for someone even when they weren’t expecting anything, the excitement up to giving them their present, and of course the traditional I know what you’re getting for Christmas heheheheehe I can’t tell you it’s a secret heeehehehe, is all part of my Christmas tradition.

So where are my go to present shopping places?

Currently I’m having a peek at Asos Savvy Sunday!! It truly is amazing for the past few weeks they’ve treated us to 50% of winter coats, and men’s jeans and women’s shoes now who doesn’t need that in their lives.  As I have a major love of clothes I love buying clothes for other people, picking what they’d look great in and sometimes finding things that they wouldn’t pick for themselves and it always feels like a major achievement when you see them wearing it several months later. So as I continue to search I suggest you have a look too treat yourself to something nice you deserve it!



How could this be done? By such a smiling sweetheart

I’ve been contemplating what should be my first real blog post. Not counting of course the preamble that was my introductory post.

Do I go for a fashion themed post, topic of course being knitwear seeing as how it is winter. Time to layer up and get your cute and wintery knits out, do I tell you of my inclination to young gentlemen in knitwear? Not all of them mind some look silly, I’m thinking Christmas jumpers…

OR Do I start off on a more serious note…I’m not exactly a serious charachter myself although I do have the occasional sane thought.

So my first post I guess is going to be an anecdote of my morning, prehaps you will be able to tell a little more about me from what happens in my day to day life.

This morning I was walking through the city center, I’d just got the train back from my hometown and I was heading back to University ready for some good hard studying or just another day of sitting in watching Judge Judy with my flatmate…Anywho I was alone and a man stopped me. If you know me then alarm bells will be ringing and you’ll be thinking shit what has she given a random stranger now… Yes it’s true I’m one of thosse people…I’m a sucker for a sob story. I know it’s bad and I need to get a grip. Anywho let me state my case.

The man stopped me, he was selling a small handmade joke book to raise money for wheelchairs, or something in truth I don’t really remember. He used all the clever tactics that any first year social psychology student would be able to tell you were nothing but clever tricks to get you to part with your money. Here’s how it went;

  • Hello can I just stop you there? It’s good to see someone isn’t looking grumpy today. At which point you (who has had to much coffee on the train over here and has got herself too excited about christmas present shopping) thinks well yes I don’t look grumpy thanks for noticing. SO you allow your self to stop.
  • BAMB he has you it’s the first sucker punch of a cartoon boxing match you’re seeing stars he has you on the ropes…
  • This is followed by he explains what it’s for wheelchairs…etc…tells you it’s a registered charity. Uhoh. You start to panic about getting out of here, you think up lies in your head. You settle on the best one. 
  • Erm erm sorry I’ve not got no change…He can tell you’re lying he’s taking no prisoners.
  • ‘That’s okay’ he says ‘I can give you change’.Bugger…
  • He then does what I believe is called the foot in the door procedure. We normally ask for £2-3. So you think well I guesss I could give two pounds it gets me out of this situation.
  • BOOM. He’s got you that’s it you’re on the floor of the boxing ring, the referee is counting down from ten!
  • So you get your purse out…10…9…8…7…
  • You hand him a £2 coin the man sees that you have more than two pound coins upon yourself and then starts to deman the £3 because that is their price…WELL YOU SAID £2 BEFORE NOW YOU’RE JUST SHIFTING THE GOALPOSTS. Clever huh.
  • 6..5…4…3…2…1. AND YOUR OUTTA THERE. You are spark out your opponent is jogging around the ring to eye of the tiger. And your £2 down which means no sweets for you pre-lecture.

And that is how it happens. Very clever yes. It’s amazing the power people can have over other people, I’m fascinated with the human mind and our thought processes. Today my thought processes allowed me to give money to a charity I didn’t really want to, yet on other days my mind allows me to quickly say ‘No thankyou I already give money to charity’ and hotfoot it down the highstreet.

N.b; Before anyone starts to think I’m tight for resenting giving money to charity. Or that I’m a pushover and can be easily scammed into anything. Neither of these are true. I like everyone ofcourse have freewill, this freewill is constrained by our own beliefs, how we’ve been bought up and societal influence. I chose to give my £3 because I’ve been bought up to believe in Karma and what goes around comes around and all that. So far today I’ve had a pretty lucky today my flatmate bought me a whole terrys chocolate orange and my dissertation is coming along well. So maybe my good deed went along way…or maybe I’ve been scammed again. Who knows? 

Either way I hope everyone else is having a positive day.




Welcome to the world Lady Technophobe!

Well good evening *tips cap* and welcome to what could be my first and last blogpost EVER.

Let me first introduce myself, I’m a 20 year old undergraduate psychology student in my final year. I have an intense love for fashion, I’m so easily influenced by advertising it would be difficult for me not to love it.

I imagine this blog will be filled with random ramblings, my traumatic experiences of writing a dissertation, my inane over-analytical psychological themed thoughts, my easily excitable outbursts, what new fashionable items I’m currently coveting, and hopefully my voyage of finding a career. Scary times. I can’t promise it will be exciting, I can’t promise it will be informative but hey we can give it a go.

Let me also explain myself… when I said my first and last blog post this sounds an incredibly oxymoron-ish/ outlandish statement, no? I’m saying first and possibly last for several reasons.

I’m still new to the whole blogging world. I’m a twitter newbie, I follow only a few other blogs and these are mainly about fashion, and one because I’m just a plain old nosey parker. If you know me then you will know I’m incredibly inept at all things technological…like a spoilt child I break things and look to my boyfriend or brainy besties to fix it usually they’ll hear my dulcet tone whine IT’S BROKEEEEEEEEEEEE to which they will investigate my laptop or phone and see I’m just over exaggerating. As a young lady I’m incredibly over analytical sometimes critical of the majority of things that I do, so a blog where other people could see my work has never appealed to me. We all do it right read what someone has read on one form of social media platform or t’other and just thought to ourselves ‘oh shut up you divvy’, and at the end of the day nobody wants to be thought to be a divvy do they? Another reason why I shouldn’t be allowed a blog? My amazing ability to get distracted, I guess the final year in your degree isn’t the best time to give yourself another distraction?

Err..Sorry love so why write a blog?

Well I guess the only explanation for this is you’ve got to try most things at least once right? With exception to breaking laws, and wearing a costume made entirely of meat sorry Lady Gaga. I also heard blogging was really therapeutic, and I’ve seen some blogging fashionistas given some amazing freebies and frankly this poor student never says no to a freebie.

So there we go. Follow me. If that’s how these things work. Yeah.

Over and out.