Welcome to the world Lady Technophobe!

Well good evening *tips cap* and welcome to what could be my first and last blogpost EVER.

Let me first introduce myself, I’m a 20 year old undergraduate psychology student in my final year. I have an intense love for fashion, I’m so easily influenced by advertising it would be difficult for me not to love it.

I imagine this blog will be filled with random ramblings, my traumatic experiences of writing a dissertation, my inane over-analytical psychological themed thoughts, my easily excitable outbursts, what new fashionable items I’m currently coveting, and hopefully my voyage of finding a career. Scary times. I can’t promise it will be exciting, I can’t promise it will be informative but hey we can give it a go.

Let me also explain myself… when I said my first and last blog post this sounds an incredibly oxymoron-ish/ outlandish statement, no? I’m saying first and possibly last for several reasons.

I’m still new to the whole blogging world. I’m a twitter newbie, I follow only a few other blogs and these are mainly about fashion, and one because I’m just a plain old nosey parker. If you know me then you will know I’m incredibly inept at all things technological…like a spoilt child I break things and look to my boyfriend or brainy besties to fix it usually they’ll hear my dulcet tone whine IT’S BROKEEEEEEEEEEEE to which they will investigate my laptop or phone and see I’m just over exaggerating. As a young lady I’m incredibly over analytical sometimes critical of the majority of things that I do, so a blog where other people could see my work has never appealed to me. We all do it right read what someone has read on one form of social media platform or t’other and just thought to ourselves ‘oh shut up you divvy’, and at the end of the day nobody wants to be thought to be a divvy do they? Another reason why I shouldn’t be allowed a blog? My amazing ability to get distracted, I guess the final year in your degree isn’t the best time to give yourself another distraction?

Err..Sorry love so why write a blog?

Well I guess the only explanation for this is you’ve got to try most things at least once right? With exception to breaking laws, and wearing a costume made entirely of meat sorry Lady Gaga. I also heard blogging was really therapeutic, and I’ve seen some blogging fashionistas given some amazing freebies and frankly this poor student never says no to a freebie.

So there we go. Follow me. If that’s how these things work. Yeah.

Over and out.


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