How could this be done? By such a smiling sweetheart

I’ve been contemplating what should be my first real blog post. Not counting of course the preamble that was my introductory post.

Do I go for a fashion themed post, topic of course being knitwear seeing as how it is winter. Time to layer up and get your cute and wintery knits out, do I tell you of my inclination to young gentlemen in knitwear? Not all of them mind some look silly, I’m thinking Christmas jumpers…

OR Do I start off on a more serious note…I’m not exactly a serious charachter myself although I do have the occasional sane thought.

So my first post I guess is going to be an anecdote of my morning, prehaps you will be able to tell a little more about me from what happens in my day to day life.

This morning I was walking through the city center, I’d just got the train back from my hometown and I was heading back to University ready for some good hard studying or just another day of sitting in watching Judge Judy with my flatmate…Anywho I was alone and a man stopped me. If you know me then alarm bells will be ringing and you’ll be thinking shit what has she given a random stranger now… Yes it’s true I’m one of thosse people…I’m a sucker for a sob story. I know it’s bad and I need to get a grip. Anywho let me state my case.

The man stopped me, he was selling a small handmade joke book to raise money for wheelchairs, or something in truth I don’t really remember. He used all the clever tactics that any first year social psychology student would be able to tell you were nothing but clever tricks to get you to part with your money. Here’s how it went;

  • Hello can I just stop you there? It’s good to see someone isn’t looking grumpy today. At which point you (who has had to much coffee on the train over here and has got herself too excited about christmas present shopping) thinks well yes I don’t look grumpy thanks for noticing. SO you allow your self to stop.
  • BAMB he has you it’s the first sucker punch of a cartoon boxing match you’re seeing stars he has you on the ropes…
  • This is followed by he explains what it’s for wheelchairs…etc…tells you it’s a registered charity. Uhoh. You start to panic about getting out of here, you think up lies in your head. You settle on the best one. 
  • Erm erm sorry I’ve not got no change…He can tell you’re lying he’s taking no prisoners.
  • ‘That’s okay’ he says ‘I can give you change’.Bugger…
  • He then does what I believe is called the foot in the door procedure. We normally ask for £2-3. So you think well I guesss I could give two pounds it gets me out of this situation.
  • BOOM. He’s got you that’s it you’re on the floor of the boxing ring, the referee is counting down from ten!
  • So you get your purse out…10…9…8…7…
  • You hand him a £2 coin the man sees that you have more than two pound coins upon yourself and then starts to deman the £3 because that is their price…WELL YOU SAID £2 BEFORE NOW YOU’RE JUST SHIFTING THE GOALPOSTS. Clever huh.
  • 6..5…4…3…2…1. AND YOUR OUTTA THERE. You are spark out your opponent is jogging around the ring to eye of the tiger. And your £2 down which means no sweets for you pre-lecture.

And that is how it happens. Very clever yes. It’s amazing the power people can have over other people, I’m fascinated with the human mind and our thought processes. Today my thought processes allowed me to give money to a charity I didn’t really want to, yet on other days my mind allows me to quickly say ‘No thankyou I already give money to charity’ and hotfoot it down the highstreet.

N.b; Before anyone starts to think I’m tight for resenting giving money to charity. Or that I’m a pushover and can be easily scammed into anything. Neither of these are true. I like everyone ofcourse have freewill, this freewill is constrained by our own beliefs, how we’ve been bought up and societal influence. I chose to give my £3 because I’ve been bought up to believe in Karma and what goes around comes around and all that. So far today I’ve had a pretty lucky today my flatmate bought me a whole terrys chocolate orange and my dissertation is coming along well. So maybe my good deed went along way…or maybe I’ve been scammed again. Who knows? 

Either way I hope everyone else is having a positive day.





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