The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry

John Steinbeck what a fella, giving everyone a fall back phrase for the reason they haven’t completed the task they said they would. So as I give my conscience a dismissive shrug and tell myself well the best laid plans… I’m currently not productively essay writing instead I’m ladened with a mug of tea two sugars if you must know and having a mooch of the internet looking for some amazing Christmas gifts for friends, family, and the beloved boyfriend.

I imagine the thought of Christmas shopping divides people into two camps. Those that shudder at the thought telling themselves are you having a laugh, it is after all only November and maybe Christmas isn’t about giving it’s all a bit too consumerist isn’t it? Then there will be those that during their cosy evening in my social life revolves around the Xfactor and I’m not ashamed to admit it saw the CocoCola advert and the John Lewis ad which means (Anti-Consumerists I’d look away now what I’m about to say might just hurt your feelings)  that’s it IT’S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS!!!

The John Lewis advert to me was gorgeous. It combines my love of children, gift giving, and the achingly melancholic sound of The Smiths, the song also sounded pretty similar to when it was covered in the film 500 Days of Summer and let’s be honest what is not to love on that list? Yes I realise that Christmas isn’t all about the spending of course it isn’t but to me finding the perfect present for someone even when they weren’t expecting anything, the excitement up to giving them their present, and of course the traditional I know what you’re getting for Christmas heheheheehe I can’t tell you it’s a secret heeehehehe, is all part of my Christmas tradition.

So where are my go to present shopping places?

Currently I’m having a peek at Asos Savvy Sunday!! It truly is amazing for the past few weeks they’ve treated us to 50% of winter coats, and men’s jeans and women’s shoes now who doesn’t need that in their lives.  As I have a major love of clothes I love buying clothes for other people, picking what they’d look great in and sometimes finding things that they wouldn’t pick for themselves and it always feels like a major achievement when you see them wearing it several months later. So as I continue to search I suggest you have a look too treat yourself to something nice you deserve it!




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