Tis the season to be a festive fatty.

I do adore Christmas the season to over indulge. I am Queen of over indulgence as evident by the many hangovers I suffer after a plentiful night out.

Oh yes before I begin. Christmas is a religious holiday celebrating a religious event and every year we hear lamenting cries of how we’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas amongst all our adverts, Christmas countdowns, and massive shopping trips. Now to each their own I say, people shouldn’t be judged for celebrating a holiday in their own way. Let’s not rain on each other’s parades. K?

Last week was a full of festive frolicks for me… God I do love a good alliteration. I finished my studies at University and decided to head home for the Christmas. On the way back I made a little diversion and stopped over with the besty in Manchester, for some late night shopping in the Trafford Centre. Being a Liverpool gal I irregularly shop in the Trafford Centre, but when I do get a chance to head over there normally when I’m in town visiting my aforementioned long suffering best friend it is always a treat usually involving me spending more than I bargained for though. Hehee bargained for d’ya get it? No?

So before we had begun our shopping excursion we had to fuel ourselves up it was after all going to be an arduous feat. So of course we stopped for a Starbucks. I had a Peppermint Mocha, you’ve just got to embrace the festive menus bit of coffee lotta chocolate bellissimo!!! 

 We then took to flight and covered the entire of the Trafford centre and treated ourselves to a Nandos afterwards, well by the time we’d walked the entire length of the shopping centre we’d probably gotten ridden of a zillion calories… So again time to re-fuel.

All in all a delightful evening was had shopping till we dropped and I’m now well and truly excited for the festive season.

I’ve also managed to get hold of the long awaited LBD, it’s taken me what seems like forever to find a dress and now I have the perfect excuse to wear my new dress. You’d think I’d be one happy bunny right?…Wrong!

What’s the problem now you pathetic excuse for a super shopper I hear you cry. 

Well the problem is I’m having a baaad case of is the dress going to make me look like Vicky Pollard-itis.

So I’m going to a social even shindig at my boyfriends work, he recently moved down South to work for a company on his year placement. I’ll be meeting all of his new work friends for the first time and although I’ve been told the dress code is smart/casual it’s at a relatively fancy place. I don’t  want to be over dressed I don’t want to be under dressed and I most definitely don’t want to look like a chav.

So here are a few snaps of my dress…

Yes in a previous post I did berate the whole mesh/cut out/ short dress scenario. BUT this has polka dots!!!  Yeah who am I fooling… It still looks cheap and nasty but I’m thoroughly shopped out I’m so sick of looking for the perfect dress I just don’t think I’m going to find it. 


  Fingers crossed it’ll be alright on the night and I’ll feel okay about my choice.

Wish me luck!



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