Waterstones is my Christmas Mecca.

Another blog about Christmas may leave you feeling exasperated to the point of wanting to spork your own eyes out just so you will never have to read someone going on about frivolity and festivities again. If this is you I am sorry, I’d look away now because it’s about to bet glitzy up in here Christmas light style!

Today was one of the run up to Christmas days that I love, where Daddy and Daughter go on a secret mission, to collect our Christmas tree. So off we trotted in his little plumbers van to find the perfect Christmas tree, the weather wasn’t ideal to be standing outside in a veritable host of garden centers but hey needs must we were the Christmas tree warriors and we soldiered through.

Sweet right, even if I do say so myself. 

I’ve also wrapped a lot of presents and they are now currently sitting under the tree all sparkly. Fear not I’m stepping away from the candycanes and baubles for the day tommorow I’m off on a rather exciting trip to see my Boyfriend in Milton Keynes I think we are going to see the RedBull Home Run, not sure that that will mean anything to anyone me neither but hopefully I’ll get a few snaps and might even having something to blog about that isn’t the excitement of Christmas.


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