Life got a bit razzle dazzle this week.

I finally got around to visiting the Boyfriend in his new work place and we went to the Red Bull end of season party, it was literally the fanciest party I’ve ever been to.

Sometimes I miss my boyfriend so much and I’m in such a rush to be getting on with the rest of our lives together, I’m forgetting all the fun that we have at this moment in time. We’re not going to be young and  fun forever so it’s probably best to take advantage of it now.


Today also consisted of a maaasive shopping trip with my Mama who decided to take a day off because it’s her birthday. Some more lovely Christmas presents were bought for some more lovely people and I even picked out a few cute outfits for myself for my own Christmas presents.

I picked out some nice shoes, some skinny jeans  I’m not really a jeans kind of girl each year I buy a new pair and still stick with the same old pair I’ve had for the past three years I just don’t suit ’em, and a mandatory Christmas jumper.

Oh and I also met the love of my life…Well not literally but it was a bloody amazing bag, which lets be honest comes pretty close.

So the picture really doesn’t justice but oh to me it was beautiful beyond compare, if I was Byron, Wordsworth, Keats or even my boy James Blunt I’d be spilling prose on just how I felt about this bag. Alas, the words for this blog struggle to come to me with fluency so sorry bag a poem is out of the question.

Like all good love stories there is some heartache to be shared. It was all going so well for me and the bag, I’d spotted it, and felt it up a little to check for quality nothing perverse get your mind out the gutter, I’d even mentioned it to my mum in the hope she would buy me it for Christmas. But then disaster strikes I’m out of Romantic poetic analogies so I’ll just cut to the chase…


Now I do love a good shopping splurge, but frankly with the constant letters from the bank saying that my account is as barren as well proper barren land there is no chance me and this bag will be taking our relationship further then the chance meeting in River Island.

However if you like me love tan, and leather, and the odd tassel and have £150 to spare or even have a mysterious benefactor I’d get  yourself down to River Island , I would of worn it with my tanned boots, my levi shorts, christmas jumper, and black leather. Just sayin’. 


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