And he looks so radiant. And he shines like the sun.

I wish to share where the inspiration for the name of my blog comes from.

If you haven’t already heard it;

I just love Van Morrison, it’s the kind of music that you can listen to when you’re happy and it’ll make you want to skip and bounce with joy and when you’re feeling a bit¬†melancholy you can listen too and no doubt tear up to.

In terms of music I’m not a particular avid follower or fan of any particular genre. Although I’ll always have a place in my heart for the music I grew up listening to, it may not be cool and trendy but it’s sentimental and that means a lot more to me.

Some times it’s sad to remember the things you have lost and sometimes it’s nice to remember how lucky you were to have them in the first place. These facts regardless Van the Man is a legend, a bit of a diva on the sly word has it and I’ll never loose my love for his music.


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