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Jog on January

January hasn’t been good to me so far, I’ve yet to win the lottery, any beauty contests, find my fame or fortune, and all in all little bit of a downer. But as the beautiful Rihanna said it’s only up from here no downward spiral! 

I know it’s only halfway through January but I’m ready to give it the heave ho, and move on with February.

So I’ve been searching for things to cheer myself up –

First and foremost I decided to be a bit drastic and get a fringe I know ooheh what a rebel. You know that thing where you see a picture of someone with a certain hairstyle or look and you think if I could just get that haircut I’d look as good as that?…No? Well I do.

This is Sienna Miller – rocking the sixties vibe in a remake of the 1966 movie Alfie, now I do love a good sixties style so I was all over this like a rash off an itchy jumper on a hot day. Needles to say I did not come out looking like Sienna Miller…Shame. But I was overall quite pleased and £7.50 for a completely new look can’t complain can I? I find fringes incredibly difficult and hard work so I’m not sure how long our little tryst will last, but for the now I do feel as cute as Zooey Deschanel.

Secondly the next thing to put a smile on my face was I’m currently lusting after some new clothes on this online shop – it’s called In Love with Fashion they are amazing. Alack I am as poor as a church mouse at the minute, but hark what is this a competition for me to enter with the possibility of winning £100 to spend on the site? Yes please! 


This is honestly a beauty of a competition, for Valentines Day. Don’t have a Valentine don’t dismay winning this competition would cheer the loneliest of hearts!

The competition is basically take a photo of any heart shapes you see and the best will win £100 to spend in at, if you’ve not been on the website I’d recommend a visit.

Here’s what I’d get if I was a lucky winner!

And about a million more things!

Who knows it might be my lucky day! xxx


I’m not going to pretend like

this isn’t the most amazing thing I’ve seen this week.

I flippin’ love Rizzle Kicks.

This sort of music isn’t massively my scene, I’m not even going to pretend like I know what scene they’re from. I ain’t no cool trendy scenester but I’m not one of these people who tries so desperately to not be trendy and scene they automatically make themselves trendy because there’s a million and one other people writing blogs about how quirky they are… oooh satire I say.

I have a pretty eclectic music taste, I do love a bit of Motown The Supremes, bit of folky Bob Dylan, bit of cheesey pop Beautiful South.

 Guilty pleasures yes please.  

Today is a day for revision, the weather is foul and I just ain’t going anywhere in a hurry. To enable any useful form of productivity, I must be supplied with coffee. Luckily our friends bought me and the boyfriend a Starbucks Christmas blend set recently. What little lambs they are. 🙂 I do love a good Starbucks, I’m not 100% anti-coffee corporation, that’d be just crazay.  Their Christmas blend is nice and spicy and flavoursome but still maintains some rich flavour.

I hope everyone isn’t getting blown around too much in this glorious UK January weather.


When your alone and life is making you lonely

This week is a bit of a tricky one and to add to this my boyfriend is heading back down South after spending nearly two weeks with me over Christmas. So as Miss Petula Clark is forever telling us to do When your alone and life is making you lonely. You can always go downtown. So off we toddled to town to spend our last day of the Christmas jollydays together.

A little bit of retail therapy and a nice coffee with the boyfriend takes your mind off your troubles no end.

We visited my favourite coffee shop ever minus the place I work obviously I’m massively into coffee it’s becoming a problem and Bold Street Coffee is an independent specialty coffee shop more passionate about coffee then anyone I know. I had a filter, I know some people turn there noses up at the idea of filter because it’s not freshly brewed to order but not in this place. You’ll find a full list of different filters and the area they’re from along with the flavour of it. If your not a coffee fan your going to be looking at me with confusion and boredom thinking sorry love coffee tastes like coffee does it not? Well no let me tell you, you are missing out! I had an Africa it was sweet and rich and chocolatey, to my boyfriend though it was just black coffee and he refused to try it. The boyfriend had a mocha it’s the only coffee he really likes I’m trying my best to convert him but he remains a coffee philistine.

The boyfriend also treated me to some sweet trinkets for my newly decorated room, what a lovey.

And I also treated myself to a new bag, times are hard it’s time to turn to retail therapy to make me feel better.

This is from Next and was £35 if you read my previous blog post lamenting the atrocity that was the expense of the bag I fell in love with in River Island then you’ll know I’ve been on the hunt for a bag.

It’s not as bohemian as the River Island bag, which I would of liked more. But I still like the colour and the size is puurfect because for once in my little life I’ll be able to fit my books in my bag and not have to carry them round.

Anyway I hope everyone is having a better week then me.

Stay lucky


Welcome to 2012

Long time no blog…I’ve been intending to honest I have. I’ve kept trying to get a few snaps so I could do some outfit themed posts too but to no avail, anyway on with the show…

I hope everyone has had a joyous 2011 and is set for a whole new year. Here’s what I’ve been up to recently.

Drinking a few free festive cocktails when me and my friends visited a relatives place of work, there’s nothing better than being spoilt!!! 

Baking  I made two lovely Chocolate Yule Logs courtesy of Nigella, I’m not a massive chocolatey cake fan but the brother requested one so I got on it like a Shakespearean Sonnet…I was going to take photos during the making process but I was with my mummy and she looks at me with a look of ‘you strange child’ when I take photos of  objects; she’s not from the blogging era she’s from a far simpler age when you didn’t take photos of your food, drinks or parties for the sake of putting it on the internet. Here’s the end result though;  

Studying a minimal amount it is after all the holiday season. 

Thinking I do try not to get forlorn this time of year because ’tis the season to be jolly, sometimes it’s best to remember what you do have rather than what you don’t. Life can be difficult sometimes I really do believe everything happens for a reason, it’s the way you deal with it which is important. Go on about all the strife and challenges you are up against by all means, but remember this worrying achieves nothing but stomach ulcers and there’s always someone worse off than yourself!!

Singing none stop christmas toons have been playing in work the run to Christmas, the end result is one specific song being stuck in your head all day. You try getting to sleep when you have You should never do a tango with an Eskimo in your head. Nightmare!

Wrapping I full on love going to town with my wrapping bows and all, it’s got look pretty even if it will be torn off and crumpled the next day. 

 Napping – too much festive food and drink time for a nap in front of the fire; this fella here is the king of taking naps second best at this is my boyfriend he is one lazy bugger.