When your alone and life is making you lonely

This week is a bit of a tricky one and to add to this my boyfriend is heading back down South after spending nearly two weeks with me over Christmas. So as Miss Petula Clark is forever telling us to do When your alone and life is making you lonely. You can always go downtown. So off we toddled to town to spend our last day of the Christmas jollydays together.

A little bit of retail therapy and a nice coffee with the boyfriend takes your mind off your troubles no end.

We visited my favourite coffee shop ever minus the place I work obviously I’m massively into coffee it’s becoming a problem and Bold Street Coffee is an independent specialty coffee shop more passionate about coffee then anyone I know. I had a filter, I know some people turn there noses up at the idea of filter because it’s not freshly brewed to order but not in this place. You’ll find a full list of different filters and the area they’re from along with the flavour of it. If your not a coffee fan your going to be looking at me with confusion and boredom thinking sorry love coffee tastes like coffee does it not? Well no let me tell you, you are missing out! I had an Africa it was sweet and rich and chocolatey, to my boyfriend though it was just black coffee and he refused to try it. The boyfriend had a mocha it’s the only coffee he really likes I’m trying my best to convert him but he remains a coffee philistine.

The boyfriend also treated me to some sweet trinkets for my newly decorated room, what a lovey.

And I also treated myself to a new bag, times are hard it’s time to turn to retail therapy to make me feel better.

This is from Next and was £35 if you read my previous blog post lamenting the atrocity that was the expense of the bag I fell in love with in River Island then you’ll know I’ve been on the hunt for a bag.

It’s not as bohemian as the River Island bag, which I would of liked more. But I still like the colour and the size is puurfect because for once in my little life I’ll be able to fit my books in my bag and not have to carry them round.

Anyway I hope everyone is having a better week then me.

Stay lucky



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