Jog on January

January hasn’t been good to me so far, I’ve yet to win the lottery, any beauty contests, find my fame or fortune, and all in all little bit of a downer. But as the beautiful Rihanna said it’s only up from here no downward spiral! 

I know it’s only halfway through January but I’m ready to give it the heave ho, and move on with February.

So I’ve been searching for things to cheer myself up –

First and foremost I decided to be a bit drastic and get a fringe I know ooheh what a rebel. You know that thing where you see a picture of someone with a certain hairstyle or look and you think if I could just get that haircut I’d look as good as that?…No? Well I do.

This is Sienna Miller – rocking the sixties vibe in a remake of the 1966 movie Alfie, now I do love a good sixties style so I was all over this like a rash off an itchy jumper on a hot day. Needles to say I did not come out looking like Sienna Miller…Shame. But I was overall quite pleased and £7.50 for a completely new look can’t complain can I? I find fringes incredibly difficult and hard work so I’m not sure how long our little tryst will last, but for the now I do feel as cute as Zooey Deschanel.

Secondly the next thing to put a smile on my face was I’m currently lusting after some new clothes on this online shop – it’s called In Love with Fashion they are amazing. Alack I am as poor as a church mouse at the minute, but hark what is this a competition for me to enter with the possibility of winning £100 to spend on the site? Yes please! 


This is honestly a beauty of a competition, for Valentines Day. Don’t have a Valentine don’t dismay winning this competition would cheer the loneliest of hearts!

The competition is basically take a photo of any heart shapes you see and the best will win £100 to spend in at, if you’ve not been on the website I’d recommend a visit.

Here’s what I’d get if I was a lucky winner!

And about a million more things!

Who knows it might be my lucky day! xxx


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