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A week in pictures I realize it’s Tuesday the photo quality is remaining awful nobody is volunteering to buy me a camera after mine broke *sobs*

A lot of food was involved as you can see; I started the week full of cold so had to make sure I got my Vitamin C inside me. That is a cheeky piece of carrot cake me and my friend decided was to small to sell so we helped ourselves it was lush. I also had more tapas this is my third weekend of tapas at the start of the month my feelings were very much I could live off this forever it is the greatest thing now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by it so it’s time for a tapas sabbatical for a month or so.

I hope everyone’s week has been as charming and delightful as Hugh Grant dipped in chocolate…If your into that sort of thing.


Maybe the man in charge doesn’t like my face, but then this world isn’t always good.

A little cookery post for you now – these brownies are so delightful and foolproof so it  would be a sin not share the love.

This is the recipe I used to make the boyfriend’s brownies for V’tines Day – it’s courtesy of my lovely friend’s who is an excellent cook, I’m not sure to it’s origins though.

The day you except today isn’t the day you’re going to get a body like Beyonce and enjoying your brownies.  A good day is had by all.  

Some of the edges got a bit burnt because I left them in too long, but if you get the timing right you get the perfect ones just the right amount of gooey in the middle and crispy at the top.

Have a crack yourself:

Melt 340g Dark Chocolate with 8oz Butter

Whisk 3 eggs with 8oz soft brown sugar

Add 4oz Self Raising Flour

Add 1 pack of chocolate chips

Bake in lined tine Gas3/170 degrees for up to 35 Minutes, until surface is set but wobbly.

Cool to firm

Warm through when serving

These brownies keep for a good few days, as I packaged some up and posted them to the bf and they were still good. But in my household they lasted two evenings, me and my brother make short work of most sweet food stuffs.

Waiting for my Quorn burger to cook

Just got in from my lecture, nothing makes me hungry then my Thursday lectures – it’s literally about the psychology of eating.Today I felt a bit like I was in an anti-natal class, spent two hours learning about nutrition during pregnancy. Information which i hope will not be needed quiet yet frankly.

This is my battered leather jacket, me and the jacket have been together for the same length of time as me and my boyfriend. Much like my beautiful boyfriend it’s seen good times and bad times and I will never part with it. Even though it looks a little faded it was black when I got it now it’s a little weather beaten. It was my first big buy £75 was major when I was 17 and I’d only just started my Saturday job. At the time I was in town with my boyfriend and my best guy friend they thought I was insane to spend that much on a jacket, I promised them I’d get lots of wear out of it. See I told you so! This jacket was a cheaper version to a leather jacket I fell in love with on Asos which was I think was like £250 it was beautiful and came in tan and black and had tassels on it… Even then i was obsessed with tan and tassels, my love of navajo style clothes probably stems from my childhood when my amazing Grandad used to call me Pocahontas.

As the beautiful Rod Stewart says Every picture tells a story don’t it?

Merry ye Valentines loved ones

Or to thosse who don’t believe in the consumerism do dahs Happy Tuesday!

So whose basal ganglias where knee deep in dopamine when they starred into the eyes of their lovers who’d just bought you eggy bread cut into a heart shape?

Which star crossed lovers were calling to each other from a balcony in fair Verona?

No?…Me neither. 

Before you start to call Paddy off Take me out, Cilla off Blind Date or even the Righteous Brothers fear not my friends for I have not lost that loving feeling cracking song that is.

Oh yes the loving feeling is still with me, in fact I had a rather delightful weekend with my boyfriend.

We had tapas – the way to my heart is evidently through my stomach. Tapas is my most favourite type of food in the whole wide world, eat one meal or several little meals I know what I’d rather have. I love how you never have that Ooh I should of ordered that feeling simply because you can have everything…Well within reason we’re not little piggies. I also find tapas the most sociable and intimate of all meal times sharing and caring that’s what it’s all about. But be careful who you go with some people aren’t sharers and you may come away with a nasty fork injury.

The boyfriend got a  homemade card with two olives on it Olive you…Who can resist a good play on words? 

And I put on my new berry/dusky pink dipped hem dress to wear for the special day that is Tuesday, can’t get more romantic then that now can you?

Awful picture quality I am aware.

I hope everyone has a very happy tuesday! xxx

New Yorks a go-go and everything taste nice


I’ve been finding it ever so difficult to blog lately. I’ve been a bit snowed under with work my second and penultimate semester in university is in full swing, scary times. This week has been spent data analyzing – not a job I intend to pursue in the future. I’m definitely more of a people orientated person, I can’t work with numbers and technology it’s just not me. So it’s late evening and I’ve found the time to post something.

I did intend to do a post last weekend about jeans, the more observant and trendy of you will of noticed the title is from the well known Bowie song hinting to my topic. Those who didn’t for shame.

So I was reading an article in January’s Company which basically referred to jeans as something amazing which were to be revered. Trying to implicate that everyone had a jeans soul mate and we were all searching for that perfect pair that would complete us. Which is what fashion is isn’t it endless fads after another this will change your life…Blah blah. Yes all in all jeans are functional, but prepare yourself world when I say this…I am not a fan. I will give you a moment to suspend your disbelief and I will continue.

I used to love jeans honest I did back in the days when skinny jeans, tight tee shirts with band names on them, and converse where my bag. But when I turned eighteen something changed within me and jeans were no longer my friend, this wasn’t a philosophical turning point or anything I just put on weight and my jeans literally no longer fitted. So I turned my back on jeans for a while. In the past four years I’ve owned four pairs of jeans one flared, two skinny, and my most recent find are a pair of ankle grazers – all but one pair of these jeans of been bought for me because I refuse to waste money which could be spent on a dress on jeans.

Anywho not only did the article in Company big up jeans so much if it had an ego it would need a JCB to help it carry it, it went on to tell me I had been wearing my jeans all wrong…Double Demin anyone?

What is wrong with double demin anyway? I don’t get it. See even when I do try and wear jeans apparently I’m doing it all wrong anyway. But fear not jean lovers I’m not giving up on jeans entirely, I recently found a nifty pair of Levis that used to belong to my mummy, I’m contemplating dying them and shrinking them a little and giving jeans another bash. If all else fails it’ll be another pair of shorts to add to my collection! I’ll let you know how I get on soon!

Ciao for now.