New Yorks a go-go and everything taste nice


I’ve been finding it ever so difficult to blog lately. I’ve been a bit snowed under with work my second and penultimate semester in university is in full swing, scary times. This week has been spent data analyzing – not a job I intend to pursue in the future. I’m definitely more of a people orientated person, I can’t work with numbers and technology it’s just not me. So it’s late evening and I’ve found the time to post something.

I did intend to do a post last weekend about jeans, the more observant and trendy of you will of noticed the title is from the well known Bowie song hinting to my topic. Those who didn’t for shame.

So I was reading an article in January’s Company which basically referred to jeans as something amazing which were to be revered. Trying to implicate that everyone had a jeans soul mate and we were all searching for that perfect pair that would complete us. Which is what fashion is isn’t it endless fads after another this will change your life…Blah blah. Yes all in all jeans are functional, but prepare yourself world when I say this…I am not a fan. I will give you a moment to suspend your disbelief and I will continue.

I used to love jeans honest I did back in the days when skinny jeans, tight tee shirts with band names on them, and converse where my bag. But when I turned eighteen something changed within me and jeans were no longer my friend, this wasn’t a philosophical turning point or anything I just put on weight and my jeans literally no longer fitted. So I turned my back on jeans for a while. In the past four years I’ve owned four pairs of jeans one flared, two skinny, and my most recent find are a pair of ankle grazers – all but one pair of these jeans of been bought for me because I refuse to waste money which could be spent on a dress on jeans.

Anywho not only did the article in Company big up jeans so much if it had an ego it would need a JCB to help it carry it, it went on to tell me I had been wearing my jeans all wrong…Double Demin anyone?

What is wrong with double demin anyway? I don’t get it. See even when I do try and wear jeans apparently I’m doing it all wrong anyway. But fear not jean lovers I’m not giving up on jeans entirely, I recently found a nifty pair of Levis that used to belong to my mummy, I’m contemplating dying them and shrinking them a little and giving jeans another bash. If all else fails it’ll be another pair of shorts to add to my collection! I’ll let you know how I get on soon!

Ciao for now.



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