Merry ye Valentines loved ones

Or to thosse who don’t believe in the consumerism do dahs Happy Tuesday!

So whose basal ganglias where knee deep in dopamine when they starred into the eyes of their lovers who’d just bought you eggy bread cut into a heart shape?

Which star crossed lovers were calling to each other from a balcony in fair Verona?

No?…Me neither. 

Before you start to call Paddy off Take me out, Cilla off Blind Date or even the Righteous Brothers fear not my friends for I have not lost that loving feeling cracking song that is.

Oh yes the loving feeling is still with me, in fact I had a rather delightful weekend with my boyfriend.

We had tapas – the way to my heart is evidently through my stomach. Tapas is my most favourite type of food in the whole wide world, eat one meal or several little meals I know what I’d rather have. I love how you never have that Ooh I should of ordered that feeling simply because you can have everything…Well within reason we’re not little piggies. I also find tapas the most sociable and intimate of all meal times sharing and caring that’s what it’s all about. But be careful who you go with some people aren’t sharers and you may come away with a nasty fork injury.

The boyfriend got a  homemade card with two olives on it Olive you…Who can resist a good play on words? 

And I put on my new berry/dusky pink dipped hem dress to wear for the special day that is Tuesday, can’t get more romantic then that now can you?

Awful picture quality I am aware.

I hope everyone has a very happy tuesday! xxx


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