Waiting for my Quorn burger to cook

Just got in from my lecture, nothing makes me hungry then my Thursday lectures – it’s literally about the psychology of eating.Today I felt a bit like I was in an anti-natal class, spent two hours learning about nutrition during pregnancy. Information which i hope will not be needed quiet yet frankly.

This is my battered leather jacket, me and the jacket have been together for the same length of time as me and my boyfriend. Much like my beautiful boyfriend it’s seen good times and bad times and I will never part with it. Even though it looks a little faded it was black when I got it now it’s a little weather beaten. It was my first big buy £75 was major when I was 17 and I’d only just started my Saturday job. At the time I was in town with my boyfriend and my best guy friend they thought I was insane to spend that much on a jacket, I promised them I’d get lots of wear out of it. See I told you so! This jacket was a cheaper version to a leather jacket I fell in love with on Asos which was I think was like £250 it was beautiful and came in tan and black and had tassels on it… Even then i was obsessed with tan and tassels, my love of navajo style clothes probably stems from my childhood when my amazing Grandad used to call me Pocahontas.

As the beautiful Rod Stewart says Every picture tells a story don’t it?


2 thoughts on “Waiting for my Quorn burger to cook

  1. Chris says:

    To be fair, I spent more on my leather Jacket than you did and I only got 2 years out of it. Going to have to crack it back out over the summer!

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