Maybe the man in charge doesn’t like my face, but then this world isn’t always good.

A little cookery post for you now – these brownies are so delightful and foolproof so it  would be a sin not share the love.

This is the recipe I used to make the boyfriend’s brownies for V’tines Day – it’s courtesy of my lovely friend’s who is an excellent cook, I’m not sure to it’s origins though.

The day you except today isn’t the day you’re going to get a body like Beyonce and enjoying your brownies.  A good day is had by all.  

Some of the edges got a bit burnt because I left them in too long, but if you get the timing right you get the perfect ones just the right amount of gooey in the middle and crispy at the top.

Have a crack yourself:

Melt 340g Dark Chocolate with 8oz Butter

Whisk 3 eggs with 8oz soft brown sugar

Add 4oz Self Raising Flour

Add 1 pack of chocolate chips

Bake in lined tine Gas3/170 degrees for up to 35 Minutes, until surface is set but wobbly.

Cool to firm

Warm through when serving

These brownies keep for a good few days, as I packaged some up and posted them to the bf and they were still good. But in my household they lasted two evenings, me and my brother make short work of most sweet food stuffs.


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