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She listens like Spring and she talks like June

S’appin. Long time no blog…Again!

It’s been a while, I wish I could come back with tales of a glamorous existence as an explanation to why I’ve been away for so long alas no. Dissertation and revision is my current life.

Today I’m currently studying factors effecting food choice >society, neurochemicals, sexuality, society, stress to name but a few. What would you say makes you overeat? Studying makes me graze like a cow in a field – numerous tea and biscuits have been consumed today I’m looking forward to putting in my anecdotal evidence an answer to my exam question. Teehee.

So on with the show… As I’ve not been out an awful lot due to revision and not wanting bore the pants off you with my revision notes. I thought I’d do an outfit post or two.

I wore this on Friday when I went out for lunch with my family –

We went to The Pheasant it’s like a chilled gourmet style kind of country pub and if you’re local or just visiting I’d definitely recommend it. I love how relaxed the eclectic furnishings make the place feels and the food really speaks for itself.

It was a none exsistant hair and makeup day if I’m honest I wasn’t planning on going anywhere so it was an impromptu lunch.

I also treated myself on Saturday to a little shopping trip whilst the boyfriend was down, we had a pleasant day in the sunshine having a stroll round town and then a few G&T’s in the evening. Standard.

I’m the biggest advocator of cold coffee and iced tea in the summer time along with a cheeky cider in a beer garden these are my summer staple drinks. Balanced diet. Yeah yeah yeah. Iced tea or Iced Coffee is best served on a beach in Corfu. Mandatory summer living.

Sunday was spent messing around with my family and attempting revision in the sunshine. This fella was keen for a road trip though.

And that for now is it I think. I’ll be blogging again soon with a bit of a vintage inspired post. As soon as I’ve cleaned up the dress. My desire to be clean was very much conflicted this weekend when I found a bit of a vintage dress in Pop Boutique. I risked it in the end and bought the dress after thinking What would Alexa Chung do? 

Have a nice week revelling in the sunshine.