Happy Easter

Chocolate lovers & religious advocators alike. If you aren’t into either of these I guess this holiday just isn’t for you. Sorry, maybe next time.

Again I’ve not been up to an awful lot – new revision topic the inclusion of Special Educational Needs students into mainstream education. The most exciting part of my studies to date – I found an author whose first name was Gaylord… I kid you not, I’ve never come across this name except for in the Ben Stiller movie so it was a sight to behold. The second most exciting part was when I discovered an author who admitted to affectionately referring to her students with attentional difficulties as Wiggle Bums I thought this was pretty darn cute. It’s the little things…

Anyway yesterday’s outfit…

This is the dress I bought the other week from Pop Boutique .  I do love the sixties and seventies – mini skirts, belle bottoms, crop tops, big black eyeliner, bit of back combing lavverly. I love this I think it’s a bit Twiggy and Alexa Chung. Yesterday I had to wear tights though  because typical British Bank Holiday weather it was freezing! Normally I just team it with bare legs and flat ballet pumps.  And you’re good to go.

I hope everyone’s weekend was filled with plenty of chocolate and rest and relaxation.


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