Oh eyes like wild flowers within demons of change.

My life is becoming a bit repetitive of late mainly involving studying – this is soon to come to an end and hopefully I’ll be able to blog about more optimistic summer events that I’m so looking forward to until then this is what I’ve been doing.

Thinking – mainly wasting all my brain power on scientific things. I love my degree so much and find it incredibly interesting but I’m not a natural brainiac and all this things that start with ‘Neuro’ or end in ‘ology’ is turning my poor sweet brain to crumbs. I guess if I don’t learn the important scientific bits than I’ll never get to help anyone, because I won’t understand the basis. Waffle over. 

Drinking & Eating – mainly teas and coffee and my Easter chocolate. Standard.

Coveting – Lana Del Rey’s hair. If you’ve not heard her songs. I’d recommend, she’s soulful, deeelightful, and pretty easy on the eye.  I tried to do the whole glamzon side swept curls myself this week, when I popped out for some celebratory birthday cocktails for my friend’s birthday, but it just didn’t look as chic. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about…

Purchasing – I’ve been wanting to try a maxi skirt for a while now over the summer I do pull out the occasional maxi dress but they can make you feel a bit over dressed especially for the between seasons. I’ve seen maxis dressed up with crop tops and dressed down with jumpers but never thought they’d be very flattering on me. If you know me you’ll know I’m not really one for covering up and I’m still pretty uncertain I think it kind of makes me look like a bit of a dumpy granny. But dayyuuumn there is no denying how comfortable they are, I wore mine all day in work today and apart from a near miss with some bleach we got on together pretty splendidly.

I think that’s it for now.



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