Trials and tribulations of a young girl about town

 So recently me and the bestie have been on a bit of a mission in the next few months our birthdays are coming up, the big 21! You’ve got to look your best on the one day of the year that’s all about you am I right?

So what to wear? Obviously that’d depend on what you’d planned for the big day. We like to celebrate in style so it might be time to glam up a bit. We both agreed that we wanted something a bit different a bit special. A lot of the dresses I’ve seen recently are all a bit samey which as lovely as they are sometimes you just want to stand out from the crowd and have the wowza effect …Or even just a casual ‘Oooh I like your outfit’ would do.

If I really wanted to stand out from the crowd I might be tempted to go for something along these lines.

This is the sort of dress which toes the line between garish and kitsch or out there in a stand out from the crowd kind of way.

This is not exactly something I’d say is very me, or even I could say would definitely suit me. It’s the kind of dress I think you’d have to see on to make a decision about it. I’ve seen a lot of this sort of pattern in Miss Selfridge and around other high street shops. I think the galaxy pattern was on some runway for some fashion house maybe a season or so ago I won’t pretend to know much about that sort of thing. I think it’s got a Tokyo/Harajuku vibe to it which I quite like.

 If I wear to wear it I’d keep it simple with black accessorize and a blazer so I didn’t look like some sort of drag act, on the night out.

I’ll have to mull this over a little longer, it’s only sold in the petite range which ismassively annoying as I’m not exactly petite myself. I’m more of a Giraffe than a Penguin. So even if I could wedge myself in it, it’d probably not cover the necessary areas. And I really doubt my best friend wants to see a slice of my behind on her birthday night out, enough to put you off your birthday cocktail…

Sticking with a more stand out theme – I saw this worn on a Fashion Blog. Again the pattern is really stand out from the crowd but paired with ankle boots and my trusty leather jacket perhaps could work.

Again with me being a bit of a bean pole it might be a bit too short and not cover the necessary areas, I like that the top which is quite loose so nice and comfy if I have a food baby brewing. I also like the back detail which doesn’t show too much.

I think I’ll have to have a think and plan a few different outfits.


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