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You put the oh no in kimono

The Kimono/Kaftan is the jacket my wardrobe craves with the nod to bohemian chic that my wannabe inner child of the seventies needs in her life. I’m loving the floaty girly patterns guaranteed to make you feel like you are Florence Welch and seriously who wouldn’t want to be that effortlessly cool auburn beauty?

I’ve been looking for a jacket this style since December I wanted something to team with my LBD for my Christmas parties but could I find one…err no. But now that the summer is here I’ve literally been swimming in these amazing jackets. I supposed it’s ideal festival attire rock them with your demin cut offs and your pick of festival footwear…hunters, gladiators, chelsea boot, rock chick ankle boot anything goes. As much as I love the festival styles I’m afraid to say you won’t catch me plodding round a muddy field, I’m definitely more of a beach babe and if I’m truly honest I’m too much of a clean freak to be bothered with the hassle of the infamous outdoor shower toilet scenario…I just shudder to think. 

Anyway that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the magic of these little stunners, these are going straight on my list of things to wear over my bikini when I’m having a casual wander from beach to pool and trying to look as glamorous as possible.

Whether you’ve got beaches in mind, a festival, or even just a beer garden with your friends on a sunny day these are the ideal candidates for the job.

Top of my list for my little beach trips will be these two lovelies…

River Island £60

River Island £50 

I am loving the new Pacha range River Island are doing at the moment nothing says summer fun, like Ibiza style. However it is a little pricey coming in at £50 and £60, seems a lot for something which will only be worn over the period of my two week holiday. I’ll have to reassess my funding and maybe just pick one…

And for some summer fun in Britain? I really like Dorothy Perkins offerings…

Dotty P’s £31.99 

Throw over a pair of skinny jeans and a plain vest top with some nice wedges and you’re ready to hit the beer garden, make mine a pint of cider whilst you’re their.


Thunder only happens when it’s raining

On a more retro note… I know this is two posts in the space of a few minutes I am going wild and procrastinating whilst I decide whether or not to apply for a job I’m not sure I want…Dilema.

I’m about to head out for a meal with the family on this lovely summer evening. So I thought I’d change and take the opportunity to do another outfit post.

This is Mama S’s I do love raiding her wardrobe for up to date things and occasionally the more vintage find.

Mama S has had this dress for a few years I’m not sure of it’s origins though, I only found it last week. She bought it and only wore it a few times and since I’ve taken a shine to it she’s decided she’s going to give it another go now. Typical. Anyway I like the paisleys patterning and the midi length it’s very 70’s. Give me some cool Farrah Fawcett hair and sign me up for a remake of Starsky and Hutch I say. This dress is a nice size because it’s got a waist tie so it works for both me and Mama S who are both different shaped sizes ranging from 10 – 14, but what I like about this dress is that it clinches your waist in just under your chest so it’s quiet flattering but still comfortable. Although I must admit the way I’m holding the dress out in the photo isn’t really doing much for the flattering image is it?

Also the little waistcoat is from Primark another one of Mama S’s epic buys which I steal off her all the time. Such a lovely daughter. It’s cool I’m pretty sure she’s just came in from work with one of the tops I usually wear to work on, the little rebel.

What I wore today

What I wore today.

I had training for my new job as a support worker today so I wore this today teamed with tights to make it look a little formal.

 But then as soon as I got home I whipped out my pasty legs, seriously they need some sunshine. I love having a tan but I’m too lazy to involve myself in any rigorous fake tanning activity. Excuse the washing and my little herb plant, it’s perfect washing weather. 

Last week I was abashed to discover that my best guy friend thought that if anyone of us was to be a 1950’s housewife it was going to be me. This isn’t really related to my sense of style but more about my prim and proper mannerisms and over use of the words DELIGHTFUL. I was disgruntled to hear this as I personally feel if I was to be from any decade I would most definitely be the 1960’s and 70’s. I’m thinking of adopting more beehives, more black eye liner, more short skirts, and on the weekends to mix it up more bohemian center partings, beachy waves, bare feet, long floral skirts, peasant tops and a more relaxed attitude to life. Yeah man.  

I’m most definitely going to be listening to more of these guys;

And of course more of my weekly prescription of Fleetwood Mac.

And not that I need an excuse I guess I need to add a more bohemian twist to my wardrobe… Photos to follow.



Times up pens down

The last time I heard this was yesterday. The date 17th May 2012 time around four-ish in the afternoon. It’s been a long time coming but that’s it now my education is finished.

I’ve always been working to something when I was sixteen I was working towards my GCSE’s so I could go to Sixth Form, when I was seventeen I was working towards my A levels so I could go the University. Continuing to further my education wasn’t always my goal. If  I’m honest when I was fifteen I wanted to leave school and become a chef that dream didn’t last very long after my Nana made me work in a very busy kitchen in a fancy golf  club it was extremely hot and extremely tiring and just too much like hard work. Even when I went to Sixth Form I wasn’t 100% on what I wanted to do, putting my uncertainess aside I decided to go to University partly because I wanted the make the most of the opportunity that not everyone gets given and partly because it was kind of what was expected of me.

So off I went to study Psychology in a completely different city, granted it was only an hour down the road from my home town but still that was far enough for me. I’m a home bird. I like where I’m from and I like my family and I like my life but that didn’t stop me from embracing the university experience in my own little way. University is something which is most definitely something I have enjoyed I feel I’ve flourished and grown given the space to be immature at times and work hard when needed to.  But that’s it now it’s done no more learning about brains, people, monkeys, rats or the occasional pigeon.

I’m glad to of been here and experience it all I’m truly a lucky girl to have surrounded myself with such amazing friends and such amazing times, and I’m sure they’ll continue.

A bit of knowledgeable activities in Sixth Form.

And a few more in University…

So what now? At least I’ll have more time to blog now…lucky you.


How much effort does this look.

But still I’m desperate to have my hair like this…

Must haves you mustn’t have

I was having a little goosy gander round River Island website trying to unwind as you do on a Wednesday night and low and behold you see a million things in the world you need in your life but couldn’t justify buying because you’d just never have the opportunity to wear them…and you’re skint anyway. This my life at the moment.

But even so I’m a sharer so this is what my life would be significantly better if I had, as Jamie T would say If  you’ve got the money…

I’ve wanted a black fringed waistcoat for a long time now, I’ve envisaged with with the levis and my slouchy tan boots. I seriously don’t know where I think I live, because Liverpool weather ain’t for cute summer outfits such as these but a girl can dream… Although part of the self deprecating me would always think I look like Francis Rossi from Status Quo in this waistcoat, I really do love it.

Again this is another very summery outfit. I love Ri Chelsea Girls selection some of it is a bit too out there but I do love a bit of retro it’s part of my endless battle to look a bit fashionably bohemian, I want the beautiful beach hair god damnit

Anyway until I win the lottery or until River Island gives away free things to people who ask politely I guess I’ll have to look on wistfully.



What did the Romans ever do for us?

Did plan to achieve a lot this evening, to be specific more revision and finish a job application, I then planned to reward myself with a little treat from Motel Rocks 

This little beauty in fact; the top not the shorts;

I thought I could wear this with my plain black maxi for this sometimes gloomy spring weather and then wear my beloved Levi cut offs when I finally escape to the beach and the sunshine.

Alas…Things I plan to do never occur. I’m not going to lie to you I’m sitting in my reindeer pjs watching a documentary about the RomansReason #3741471 why I don’t lead a glamorous existence?  Because I’m too easily distracted, too many times do I find myself on the couch with the dog next to me watching documentaries about nothing relevant…as interesting as the Romans are they’ll not be getting me a job anytime soon.