Must haves you mustn’t have

I was having a little goosy gander round River Island website trying to unwind as you do on a Wednesday night and low and behold you see a million things in the world you need in your life but couldn’t justify buying because you’d just never have the opportunity to wear them…and you’re skint anyway. This my life at the moment.

But even so I’m a sharer so this is what my life would be significantly better if I had, as Jamie T would say If  you’ve got the money…

I’ve wanted a black fringed waistcoat for a long time now, I’ve envisaged with with the levis and my slouchy tan boots. I seriously don’t know where I think I live, because Liverpool weather ain’t for cute summer outfits such as these but a girl can dream… Although part of the self deprecating me would always think I look like Francis Rossi from Status Quo in this waistcoat, I really do love it.

Again this is another very summery outfit. I love Ri Chelsea Girls selection some of it is a bit too out there but I do love a bit of retro it’s part of my endless battle to look a bit fashionably bohemian, I want the beautiful beach hair god damnit

Anyway until I win the lottery or until River Island gives away free things to people who ask politely I guess I’ll have to look on wistfully.




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