Times up pens down

The last time I heard this was yesterday. The date 17th May 2012 time around four-ish in the afternoon. It’s been a long time coming but that’s it now my education is finished.

I’ve always been working to something when I was sixteen I was working towards my GCSE’s so I could go to Sixth Form, when I was seventeen I was working towards my A levels so I could go the University. Continuing to further my education wasn’t always my goal. If  I’m honest when I was fifteen I wanted to leave school and become a chef that dream didn’t last very long after my Nana made me work in a very busy kitchen in a fancy golf  club it was extremely hot and extremely tiring and just too much like hard work. Even when I went to Sixth Form I wasn’t 100% on what I wanted to do, putting my uncertainess aside I decided to go to University partly because I wanted the make the most of the opportunity that not everyone gets given and partly because it was kind of what was expected of me.

So off I went to study Psychology in a completely different city, granted it was only an hour down the road from my home town but still that was far enough for me. I’m a home bird. I like where I’m from and I like my family and I like my life but that didn’t stop me from embracing the university experience in my own little way. University is something which is most definitely something I have enjoyed I feel I’ve flourished and grown given the space to be immature at times and work hard when needed to.  But that’s it now it’s done no more learning about brains, people, monkeys, rats or the occasional pigeon.

I’m glad to of been here and experience it all I’m truly a lucky girl to have surrounded myself with such amazing friends and such amazing times, and I’m sure they’ll continue.

A bit of knowledgeable activities in Sixth Form.

And a few more in University…

So what now? At least I’ll have more time to blog now…lucky you.


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