Last week I was abashed to discover that my best guy friend thought that if anyone of us was to be a 1950’s housewife it was going to be me. This isn’t really related to my sense of style but more about my prim and proper mannerisms and over use of the words DELIGHTFUL. I was disgruntled to hear this as I personally feel if I was to be from any decade I would most definitely be the 1960’s and 70’s. I’m thinking of adopting more beehives, more black eye liner, more short skirts, and on the weekends to mix it up more bohemian center partings, beachy waves, bare feet, long floral skirts, peasant tops and a more relaxed attitude to life. Yeah man.  

I’m most definitely going to be listening to more of these guys;

And of course more of my weekly prescription of Fleetwood Mac.

And not that I need an excuse I guess I need to add a more bohemian twist to my wardrobe… Photos to follow.




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