Thunder only happens when it’s raining

On a more retro note… I know this is two posts in the space of a few minutes I am going wild and procrastinating whilst I decide whether or not to apply for a job I’m not sure I want…Dilema.

I’m about to head out for a meal with the family on this lovely summer evening. So I thought I’d change and take the opportunity to do another outfit post.

This is Mama S’s I do love raiding her wardrobe for up to date things and occasionally the more vintage find.

Mama S has had this dress for a few years I’m not sure of it’s origins though, I only found it last week. She bought it and only wore it a few times and since I’ve taken a shine to it she’s decided she’s going to give it another go now. Typical. Anyway I like the paisleys patterning and the midi length it’s very 70’s. Give me some cool Farrah Fawcett hair and sign me up for a remake of Starsky and Hutch I say. This dress is a nice size because it’s got a waist tie so it works for both me and Mama S who are both different shaped sizes ranging from 10 – 14, but what I like about this dress is that it clinches your waist in just under your chest so it’s quiet flattering but still comfortable. Although I must admit the way I’m holding the dress out in the photo isn’t really doing much for the flattering image is it?

Also the little waistcoat is from Primark another one of Mama S’s epic buys which I steal off her all the time. Such a lovely daughter. It’s cool I’m pretty sure she’s just came in from work with one of the tops I usually wear to work on, the little rebel.


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