On Thursday me and the boy went to what has to be every obsessive American sitcom watchers dream come true. Would you like another clue? *Ahem Sings* So no one told you life was going to be this way… Got it yet? Yes we went to Central Perk, but hold your little horses their friends before you start thinking I’ve been jetting off to NYC on a whim due to a recent lottery win or something of a similar stroke of good fortune and start asking me to lend you a fiver.  Alas no I do not have jet setters money and even if I did America would not be top on my places to visit. So you dreamt up this little trip to Central Perk then did you love? Well no. Much to my excitement Central Perk has come to Liverpool!!

Now if I was any sort of blogger I’d have oodles of pictures probably instagramed no less of the inside of the place, with me posing and being cool with my coffee. The boy however is not as cool as me and doesn’t like taking photos of inanimate objects in public, I know I don’t get it either sometimes I think he’s about 100 not 21. Bless him. I did manage to get him to take this sneaky photo of the outside though, although I think if asked him to take a photo of me outside he would of cringed at me.

So this is what it looks like outside.

What I liked about this what do I call it coffee shop, cafe? Is where it’s situated.

In terms of shopping and eating  it’s in a more office business-y area by the courts and as you can see from the photo it’s sandwiched nicely between two building sites and yes that looks like an empty can of stella on the floor. You stay classy Liverpool. But I like walking past places and almost stumbling across a place you’re not expecting to see. Although it’s not exactly a hidden gem, it’s central perk for goodness sakes!

Like I say I don’t have any fancy photos of the indoors but it is really like you’re stepping onto the set of friends, the boy was less than amused when I asked him if he wanted to be Ross & Rachel or Monica & Chandler. I think I’m a lot funnier than he lets on I mean seriously…Comedy gold. Yeah?

If you fancied a more detail look than I could possibly provide than http://www.central-perk.co.uk have a little looksie.

They provide an amazing selection of American foodies and coffees. I had a Manhattan Mocha which consisted of

16 ml chocolate syrup

8 ml amaretto syrup

2 shot of espresso

6 oz (180 ml) cold milk

Shaved chocolate

It was amazing. I wish I’d tried a plain Americano too because I do enjoy trying the different coffee blends and although the mocha has two espresso shots in them with all the flavours you don’t get to taste the coffee flavour but looking at this amazing coffee menu I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to have one of their specialty coffees.

If you’re a Friends fan I’d definitely get yourself down there. You may have a bit of a fight on your hands to nab the famous orange sofa so I’d get their early to avoid disappointment.

Enjoy. x

P.s We’d definitely be Monica and Chandler, if I could convince my friends to eat their cookies over the sink so there were no crumbies life would be better off.


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