Sing me another love song but this time with a little dedication

Sometimes things get a bit too much for me, as they do for everyone. I can be quiet selfish when I want to be and forget just how easy things are for me.

Take me away.


Trials and tribulations of a young girl about town

 So recently me and the bestie have been on a bit of a mission in the next few months our birthdays are coming up, the big 21! You’ve got to look your best on the one day of the year that’s all about you am I right?

So what to wear? Obviously that’d depend on what you’d planned for the big day. We like to celebrate in style so it might be time to glam up a bit. We both agreed that we wanted something a bit different a bit special. A lot of the dresses I’ve seen recently are all a bit samey which as lovely as they are sometimes you just want to stand out from the crowd and have the wowza effect …Or even just a casual ‘Oooh I like your outfit’ would do.

If I really wanted to stand out from the crowd I might be tempted to go for something along these lines.

This is the sort of dress which toes the line between garish and kitsch or out there in a stand out from the crowd kind of way.

This is not exactly something I’d say is very me, or even I could say would definitely suit me. It’s the kind of dress I think you’d have to see on to make a decision about it. I’ve seen a lot of this sort of pattern in Miss Selfridge and around other high street shops. I think the galaxy pattern was on some runway for some fashion house maybe a season or so ago I won’t pretend to know much about that sort of thing. I think it’s got a Tokyo/Harajuku vibe to it which I quite like.

 If I wear to wear it I’d keep it simple with black accessorize and a blazer so I didn’t look like some sort of drag act, on the night out.

I’ll have to mull this over a little longer, it’s only sold in the petite range which ismassively annoying as I’m not exactly petite myself. I’m more of a Giraffe than a Penguin. So even if I could wedge myself in it, it’d probably not cover the necessary areas. And I really doubt my best friend wants to see a slice of my behind on her birthday night out, enough to put you off your birthday cocktail…

Sticking with a more stand out theme – I saw this worn on a Fashion Blog. Again the pattern is really stand out from the crowd but paired with ankle boots and my trusty leather jacket perhaps could work.

Again with me being a bit of a bean pole it might be a bit too short and not cover the necessary areas, I like that the top which is quite loose so nice and comfy if I have a food baby brewing. I also like the back detail which doesn’t show too much.

I think I’ll have to have a think and plan a few different outfits.

The empty handed painter from your streets

Is drawing crazy patterns in your sheets…

Being incredibly selfish of late. Very wrapped up in my own world. Feeling very guilty now.

I’m pretty sure there’s a Van Morrison song for every occasion.

Oh eyes like wild flowers within demons of change.

My life is becoming a bit repetitive of late mainly involving studying – this is soon to come to an end and hopefully I’ll be able to blog about more optimistic summer events that I’m so looking forward to until then this is what I’ve been doing.

Thinking – mainly wasting all my brain power on scientific things. I love my degree so much and find it incredibly interesting but I’m not a natural brainiac and all this things that start with ‘Neuro’ or end in ‘ology’ is turning my poor sweet brain to crumbs. I guess if I don’t learn the important scientific bits than I’ll never get to help anyone, because I won’t understand the basis. Waffle over. 

Drinking & Eating – mainly teas and coffee and my Easter chocolate. Standard.

Coveting – Lana Del Rey’s hair. If you’ve not heard her songs. I’d recommend, she’s soulful, deeelightful, and pretty easy on the eye.  I tried to do the whole glamzon side swept curls myself this week, when I popped out for some celebratory birthday cocktails for my friend’s birthday, but it just didn’t look as chic. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about…

Purchasing – I’ve been wanting to try a maxi skirt for a while now over the summer I do pull out the occasional maxi dress but they can make you feel a bit over dressed especially for the between seasons. I’ve seen maxis dressed up with crop tops and dressed down with jumpers but never thought they’d be very flattering on me. If you know me you’ll know I’m not really one for covering up and I’m still pretty uncertain I think it kind of makes me look like a bit of a dumpy granny. But dayyuuumn there is no denying how comfortable they are, I wore mine all day in work today and apart from a near miss with some bleach we got on together pretty splendidly.

I think that’s it for now.


Happy Easter

Chocolate lovers & religious advocators alike. If you aren’t into either of these I guess this holiday just isn’t for you. Sorry, maybe next time.

Again I’ve not been up to an awful lot – new revision topic the inclusion of Special Educational Needs students into mainstream education. The most exciting part of my studies to date – I found an author whose first name was Gaylord… I kid you not, I’ve never come across this name except for in the Ben Stiller movie so it was a sight to behold. The second most exciting part was when I discovered an author who admitted to affectionately referring to her students with attentional difficulties as Wiggle Bums I thought this was pretty darn cute. It’s the little things…

Anyway yesterday’s outfit…

This is the dress I bought the other week from Pop Boutique .  I do love the sixties and seventies – mini skirts, belle bottoms, crop tops, big black eyeliner, bit of back combing lavverly. I love this I think it’s a bit Twiggy and Alexa Chung. Yesterday I had to wear tights though  because typical British Bank Holiday weather it was freezing! Normally I just team it with bare legs and flat ballet pumps.  And you’re good to go.

I hope everyone’s weekend was filled with plenty of chocolate and rest and relaxation.

She listens like Spring and she talks like June

S’appin. Long time no blog…Again!

It’s been a while, I wish I could come back with tales of a glamorous existence as an explanation to why I’ve been away for so long alas no. Dissertation and revision is my current life.

Today I’m currently studying factors effecting food choice >society, neurochemicals, sexuality, society, stress to name but a few. What would you say makes you overeat? Studying makes me graze like a cow in a field – numerous tea and biscuits have been consumed today I’m looking forward to putting in my anecdotal evidence an answer to my exam question. Teehee.

So on with the show… As I’ve not been out an awful lot due to revision and not wanting bore the pants off you with my revision notes. I thought I’d do an outfit post or two.

I wore this on Friday when I went out for lunch with my family –

We went to The Pheasant it’s like a chilled gourmet style kind of country pub and if you’re local or just visiting I’d definitely recommend it. I love how relaxed the eclectic furnishings make the place feels and the food really speaks for itself.

It was a none exsistant hair and makeup day if I’m honest I wasn’t planning on going anywhere so it was an impromptu lunch.

I also treated myself on Saturday to a little shopping trip whilst the boyfriend was down, we had a pleasant day in the sunshine having a stroll round town and then a few G&T’s in the evening. Standard.

I’m the biggest advocator of cold coffee and iced tea in the summer time along with a cheeky cider in a beer garden these are my summer staple drinks. Balanced diet. Yeah yeah yeah. Iced tea or Iced Coffee is best served on a beach in Corfu. Mandatory summer living.

Sunday was spent messing around with my family and attempting revision in the sunshine. This fella was keen for a road trip though.

And that for now is it I think. I’ll be blogging again soon with a bit of a vintage inspired post. As soon as I’ve cleaned up the dress. My desire to be clean was very much conflicted this weekend when I found a bit of a vintage dress in Pop Boutique. I risked it in the end and bought the dress after thinking What would Alexa Chung do? 

Have a nice week revelling in the sunshine.


A week in pictures I realize it’s Tuesday the photo quality is remaining awful nobody is volunteering to buy me a camera after mine broke *sobs*

A lot of food was involved as you can see; I started the week full of cold so had to make sure I got my Vitamin C inside me. That is a cheeky piece of carrot cake me and my friend decided was to small to sell so we helped ourselves it was lush. I also had more tapas this is my third weekend of tapas at the start of the month my feelings were very much I could live off this forever it is the greatest thing now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by it so it’s time for a tapas sabbatical for a month or so.

I hope everyone’s week has been as charming and delightful as Hugh Grant dipped in chocolate…If your into that sort of thing.

Maybe the man in charge doesn’t like my face, but then this world isn’t always good.

A little cookery post for you now – these brownies are so delightful and foolproof so it  would be a sin not share the love.

This is the recipe I used to make the boyfriend’s brownies for V’tines Day – it’s courtesy of my lovely friend’s who is an excellent cook, I’m not sure to it’s origins though.

The day you except today isn’t the day you’re going to get a body like Beyonce and enjoying your brownies.  A good day is had by all.  

Some of the edges got a bit burnt because I left them in too long, but if you get the timing right you get the perfect ones just the right amount of gooey in the middle and crispy at the top.

Have a crack yourself:

Melt 340g Dark Chocolate with 8oz Butter

Whisk 3 eggs with 8oz soft brown sugar

Add 4oz Self Raising Flour

Add 1 pack of chocolate chips

Bake in lined tine Gas3/170 degrees for up to 35 Minutes, until surface is set but wobbly.

Cool to firm

Warm through when serving

These brownies keep for a good few days, as I packaged some up and posted them to the bf and they were still good. But in my household they lasted two evenings, me and my brother make short work of most sweet food stuffs.

Waiting for my Quorn burger to cook

Just got in from my lecture, nothing makes me hungry then my Thursday lectures – it’s literally about the psychology of eating.Today I felt a bit like I was in an anti-natal class, spent two hours learning about nutrition during pregnancy. Information which i hope will not be needed quiet yet frankly.

This is my battered leather jacket, me and the jacket have been together for the same length of time as me and my boyfriend. Much like my beautiful boyfriend it’s seen good times and bad times and I will never part with it. Even though it looks a little faded it was black when I got it now it’s a little weather beaten. It was my first big buy £75 was major when I was 17 and I’d only just started my Saturday job. At the time I was in town with my boyfriend and my best guy friend they thought I was insane to spend that much on a jacket, I promised them I’d get lots of wear out of it. See I told you so! This jacket was a cheaper version to a leather jacket I fell in love with on Asos which was I think was like £250 it was beautiful and came in tan and black and had tassels on it… Even then i was obsessed with tan and tassels, my love of navajo style clothes probably stems from my childhood when my amazing Grandad used to call me Pocahontas.

As the beautiful Rod Stewart says Every picture tells a story don’t it?